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the Run Center at UCSF

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Our Program

Get Assessed.
The Orthopaedic Institute's RunSafe™ Clinic  provides clients with personalized assessments of multiple components of their running and training patterns and are provided an individualized report. Performance testing is also available in the Human Performance Center. Physical Therapy also offers consultation and evaluations.

Get trained.
From Physical Therapy's RunFit programs to  Personal Training's specialized workouts for runners, we'll work together to develop training programs to  help optimize your running efficiency.

Get educated.
Take advantage of the knowledge and skills of  the best trainers, therapists, and sports medicine experts in the Bay Area. Join for access to our experts  thru email, trainings, Q&A forums, and monthly lectures.

Get running.
Come meet and run with friends and colleagues at  our weekly training runs. Bring your running shoes; we'll provide the challenging courses and  individual training techniques.


General inquires about The Run Center
e-mail us at:

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Step into a running community where you'll be guided and supported by medical and fitness experts through lectures, assessments, trainings, physical therapy, classes and clinics, weekly runs, email forums, and so much more.

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