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6 Minutes to the Wind

Posted by LenatheJennie on May 31, 2010 9:10:22 AM

This was my 4th 5k since training began. I have already cut 6 minutes down! What an amazing run! My first run was the Life Skills Run, Roll, and Walk April 24th. I finished with a gun time of 42ish minutes. My second 5k was the Girls On the Run Spring Race May 16th, I finished with a chip time of 41.54 with a pace of 13.29. Then my third was the 1st Annual Memorial Run, I had a time (gun and chip) of 38.07, I was pretty close to the front but do not trust that this was my actual time, it was around this though, with a 12.16 pace. My most recent, 10k, 5k, memorial day run (I ran the 5k) I finished in 36.07, with 11.39 pace. I need to cut out 10 more minutes to make my goal time of 25ish minutes, 25 is around 3rd place for the Girls on the Run races. My goal is third place! Before the race I had my first gu, I had peanut butter honey toast two hours before hand (which is what I normally eat for breakfast and did the same sunday) I had water with my gu, I cramped during the race and could feel the water in my stomach. Note to self: Don't drink right before! I stretched out super well, especially my calves since that is where my arch pain is coming from. I felt good! I started sprinting at the last .2, when I saw the 10K 6 mile marker. My last mile was almost a ten minute mile. Wonderful pace!

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