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Introducing Avalon 50

Posted by Active Toby on Nov 6, 2007 5:44:00 PM

This weekend was “domestic” in the sense that I actually slept in my bed in the house that I pay rent to live in and not in a tent or bivouacked on the side of a mountain or in the desert.  I got caught up on chores around the house and managed to fit in 25 minutes of hill running on Saturday. I played some hoops on Sunday before an hour-long beach run--which reminded me of the training I must do to prepare for the Avalon 50 on January 12.


This 50-mile race on Catalina Island has a 12-hour time limit which translates to a 14-minute-per-mile pace, minimum, just to finish in time. This is a great deal faster than the 18-minute miles I averaged in the Mount Disappointment 50, but the course itself it much easier. This time I won’t be at elevation and the temperatures will be mild. This makes it easier to fathom improving my time by over 3 hours. It’s going to take plenty of work to get there and I plan to include you all on my recipe for success. Speaking of recipes, check out Melissa’s latest blog post. I was lucky enough to sample her tasty Sweet Potato, Corn, Kale and Squash Chowder today and I give it two thumbs up.


I started off the work week by cycle-commuting with Jesse@Active. We ended up riding the train with our bikes so it was only 18 miles round trip and not the full 42 miles that we usually ride. My Tuesday-morning workout was with JoeDecker, who happens to be the Guinness Book of World Records World Fittest Man title holder. The workout itself is a fantastic combination of cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics and flexibility that lasts just over an hour. There are an average of twelve people who meet every morning and some are training for the Avalon 50 as well. Working out with a great group of people and having an enthusiastic coach has left me feeling stronger and stronger after each workout. You’ll definitely be hearing more about these workouts as I attend both Tuesday and Thursday sessions leading up to race day in January. Plus, Joe has recently joined the Active Community--check out his blog, Get Fit with the World's Fittest Man.


I’m looking forward to a return trip to Joshua Tree National Park on Friday. I had initially planned to explore the small mountain town of Idyllwild, California, this weekend but I learned that their forests remain closed due to fire threat. Southern California has plenty of options for the weekend getaway and Joshua Tree remains my favorite. If my calculations are correct, this will be my eighth trip during the two years that I’ve lived in San Diego. It’s a holiday weekend for some so the park is expected to be busy. I’m very much looking forward to a long trail run through the desert.


Stay tuned for more details on my Thanksgiving Grand Canyon trip. I hope you all have a great active week.


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