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Before my first 50-mile ultra marathon in August, my spirit was resolute but I lacked proper physical conditioning for such high mileage and rugged terrain. It was irresponsible of me to have entered that race, but I would not trade that experience for anything. What ensued was a 15-hour odyssey through which I discovered my hidden potential. I ventured into the unknown, miles beyond my comfort zone. It broke me physically, but my spirit never faltered.


This weekend, I will attempt another 50-mile race and do so with confidence because of my commitment to conditioning my body and mind with greater care during the last four months. My training volume has increased significantly while continuing to diversify and intensify.


San Diego Track Club coach Paul Greer, who I trained under only briefly at the beginning of 2007, had a saying that has helped me focus on my goals. He would use a bullhorn to lead his practices and repeat this quote at the beginning and end of each workout, The will to succeed means nothing without the will to prepare.


Here is the elevation profile of the Avalon 50 on January 12:



Stay tuned for a post-race report. Thank you all for your continued support!

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