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SD100 & Silverman

Posted by Active Toby on Feb 1, 2008 10:43:38 AM

While Marie and I were traveling to Catalina earlier this month for the Avalon 50, we were discussing my race calendar for the year that I’ve since settled on and shared with you Tuesday. I use the expression “settled on” because I felt as though something was missing from my schedule. More specifically, I wanted to attempt an Ironman-distance triathlon in 2008.

Yesterday, my wish was granted. I received the news that the SD100 has been moved up four months from October to June. Not only will I be faced with the challenge of preparing for a 100-mile run with 4-months less time, but I’ll now add an Ironman-distance event to 2008, the Silverman full-distance triathlon. I’m not sure what to say except thank you. Is that sick? In no way is this meant to discredit the difficulty of the SD100 but it seemed like the year was very spread out and I feared burnout with my peak race so late in the season.



Adjustments to my racing calendar will be minor. The major change leading up to the SD100 will be an increase in training volume with attention to the long runs. Since the race will be in Cuyamaca State Park, and not on the Pacific Crest Trail, I’ll be sure to get out there as often as possible between now and June 7.


When I shared the news with Marie, she responded by asking, “What do we need to do to make it happen?” (Isn’t she amazing?) She even suggested we replace the Mountain of Gold race on March 16 for a training run in Cuyamaca SP. Plus she had already recruited her coworker/training buddy, Rebekah, to be a part of my crew team for the race. Marie and Rebekah crewed for Joe Decker and his girlfriend Nicole in the 2007 SD100 so they already have experience crewing in Cuyamaca SP. I’m honored to have them in my corner and that much more confident things are going to workout.


Are you guys in my corner too!?

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