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Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Posted by Active Toby on May 29, 2009 2:27:58 PM

On Saturday, my buddy Bryan and I met at Daley Ranch , where he took me on a hilly 12-mile loop. We had a solid run and then ate some quality Mexican food in Escondido before I went home.




After I washed my car, did laundry and fell asleep reading a book in my backyard, I ate some pizza leftovers and geared up for a night run with my friend Meg at Mission Trails . Meg, a local ultra-runner and super-cool mother of three, is running the SD100 next weekend. She needed to dial in one last long night run before her taper, so we ran around the perimeter of the park twice and then added a few more to make it an even 20 miles. It was 10:30 p.m. when we finished, and I was still wired from my day of running 32 miles, so I met up with friends for a hot tub and beers to finish off the day.




Sleeping in on Sunday provided the rest I needed before I met up with my buddy Nick for an easy 10-mile trail run at Los Penasquitos Canyon to put the finishing touch on my 70-mile training week. The run was fun except for running through a swarm of bees! No stings reported, but that was definitely an unexpected first and hopefully a last!


This week I planned on logging another 70 miles for training and finishing with the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Sunday, but my hip hurts so I need to play it safe and step my mileage back a notch. I’m going to introduce more of this hip and girdle exercise routine called the myrtle routine I learned about from reading James Walsh’s blog :


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