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The journey IS the destination

Posted by Active Toby on Jun 10, 2009 2:11:17 PM

I ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon while wearing a POV (point-of-view) camera to film the race and somehow managed to run the race in under 4 hours, with a negative split of 10 minutes. This was my first “major marathon,” so I had never run with so many people before. It was like the entire San Diego endurance sports community was either out running the race or cheering from somewhere along the way. It was powerful stuff, and I had a blast out there. Here's a shot of my buddies in their post-race pose-down (three no-longer-marathon virgins in this picture):


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(Giselle, Noelle, Austin and Jake)


The 230+ miles I logged in Maywhich included a couple road marathons and tons of hilly run-commutes with a backpack onfatigued my legs and compromised my biomechanics. I’m now nursing an overuse injury in my hip area that was inflamed all of last week. After soliciting some advice, I got ART and massage work done and was also prescribed cross-training. I’m going at full tilt with two sessions per day and a rotation of yoga classes (heated to 90 degrees), pool swimming (kick board work too), 1-hour elliptical sessions (with sweatsuit for heat training), lower-body resistance training, myrtl routine , cycling, ActiveX, and LSD runs (long slow distance). I'm happy to report that inflammation and tightness are already gone, so I'll be attempting to get some quality miles in the weekend on the PCT out of Warner Springs.


Last Saturday, I went on a mellow 30-mile ride along the 101 with my buddy Nick and then drove out east to Cuyamaca State Park with my friend Kam to volunteer at the SD100. We hung glowsticks along the trail between miles 58 to 70. We ran the whole way, but stopped often (80 times!) to hang the glowsticks. This completed my trail work required to participate at the VT100. It was pretty cool to be at the event as a volunteer and see how much work goes in to putting on an ultra marathon. I respect all that volunteers, crews, pacers and event directors do for us athletes. It was also a treat to run along the beautiful PCT and encourage the passing runners and their pacers (some solo). They all thanked us for hanging the glow sticks. It was a really cool experience. 


Visit my photo site to see the album. Here is my favorite shot from the day:


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I’m going to attempt to run long this weekend, but I have no idea how peak training is going to play out because of my hip. I’ll be sure to post a report next week once I’m back from the ActiveX Charity Challenge Endurance Camp . Also, check in next week for more on my "peak training" (And yes, pun intended—you’ll see).

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