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Kicking the Tires

Posted by Active Toby on Jan 27, 2010 3:20:38 PM

2010 is underway and the last few weeks flew by with all sorts of things happening. I’ll start by recapping this past weekend and then go back and share my adventures during the past month. Enjoy!


       welcome to the mountains


Last weekend was a blast! My friend and I traveled up to Julian to play in the snow that recently hit the mountains in San Diego County following the massive rain storm. We stayed at the Pine Hills Lodge and went sledding, hiking and enjoyed the good home-style food and famous apple pie.  January Recap:  I raced the Sun Strides Foundation San Diego Resolution Run 5K on 1/9. I got there at 3:45 a.m. to help mark the course. I drove and ran around Mission Bay and Fiesta Island laying down gypsum arrows on the paths, sidewalks and roads before the sun came up. Then I switched into race mode for the 5K event. I ran a personal best of 18:27 (5:57 pace) and finished 9th overall, 5th in my age group.


I dedicated my run to Michael de Sosa, who I met last year course marking the Sun Strides events. He lost his battle to depression and took his own life on Christmas Eve this year. All runners wore an orange ribbon on our race bibs for him.


The next day I met my buddies, Austin, Jim and Jessi, at Mission Trails for a couple hours of mountain biking to spin out my legs. On Monday night, I hosted the High Voltage workout and then ran 7 miles the next morning with a MeetUp trail running group hosted by my buddy, Paul, and Dr. Runco from the San Diego Running Institute.


Mission Trails MTB


The run was great, but afterward I was super dizzy and had a headache while my chest and stomach were in knots. I ended up puking for the next couple days from a nasty stomach bug. I couldn’t eat, lost a bunch of weight, and was miserable. I was bummed I had to bail on the trip to Bishop, CA for Austin’s birthday. I was down and out until the end of the weekend, so I rested, studied for the CSCS exam and tried out my new camera:





I also exchanged my Sanyo Xacti camera for the Pentax Optio W80 this week because the still-image quality from the Pentax is far superior (12.1mpx) to the Sanyo (9mpx). They both shoot the same HD video quality and are the same price, so it was a “no brainer” for the adventure photos I shoot. This is also important as I recently worked out an agreement with an art shop in my hometown to sell prints and greeting cards of my photos! I’m so thrilled to have this opportunity. Now I’m looking into printing and shipping details to make it happen.


The rest of the month has been mellow with training. I’ve done mostly strength and conditioning workouts and a 30 minute interval session with Airey on the indoor trainer. I’m switching my bike from tri back to road setup for the Grand Fondo San Diego in March.


    tri to road switch


This weekend I am course marking and racing the Lake Hodges 5K and attending the Endurance Sports Awards. Stoked! Stay tuned for an event recap next week – in February.


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