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          LifeSpan Fitness EL3000i Elliptical Trainer>>>> Only $849.95 Best Buy      The EL3000i Natural FIT Elliptical gives you a smooth feel and fluid motion. The 20" stride and closely spaced pedals simulate your natural walking stride. The converging handlebars let your arms move naturally and with a greater range of motion as your arms extend forward. Best of all, the EL3000i is the first elliptical to connect your exercise equipment with a comprehensive online health management program, accessed through your membership in the LifeSpan Fitness Club        
  • Elliptical trainer with converging handlebars that let your arms flow naturally
  • Multicolored LCD console with weight loss, healthy living, and sports training programs
  • Integrated USB storage device automatically saves your exercise data for online analysis
  • Built-in audio speakers and headphone jack; blue gel pad built into each pedal
  • Measures 28 x 61 x 52 inches (W x H x D); 300-pound capacity; lifetime frame/brake warranty
  •           Enjoy the benefits of a total body workout with little impact on your joints and back with the LifeSpan Fitness EL3000i elliptical trainer. Outfitted with a 20-inch stride length and narrow pedal spacing, the EL3000i supports your natural walking motion, with converging handlebars that let your arms flow naturally and with a greater range of motion as you exercise. For added comfort, the space between the treadmill's handlebars narrows as you extend your arms forward and then widens as you swing them by your side. And users will love the blue gel pad in each pedal, which is designed to absorb the impact from your heel. The pads provide ample cushioning to make your elliptical exercise more comfortable, yet safe for your hips, knees, feet, and joints.


    The multicolored LCD console tracks your time, distance, calories, and more.
      The centerpiece of the EL3000i, however, is the multicolored LCD console, which offers several simultaneous readouts and exercise programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The display tracks your time, calories, distance, steps, heart rate, speed, and resistance level, with large soft-touch keys helping you get started and control your resistance level. More importantly, the trainer offers a variety of preset workout programs that help you vary your exercise routine--a critical factor for people trying to get in shape. Many of the workout programs on the EL3000i are grouped by exercise motivation, so you can quickly choose a workout that's right for you. The program categories include weight loss (choose from steady pace, long slow distance, cardio run, short interval, or uphill walk); healthy living (with uphill climb, pyramid climb, plateau climb, ladder, and uphill interval options); and sports training (with each program designed to help you train for an upcoming sporting event).


    In addition to the preset programs, the trainer offers two My Zone heart rate control programs and two custom programs. The My Zone Constant program keeps your heart rate at a constant level--thereby using your heart rate as a fitness tool--while the My Zone Interval program lets you enter your own minimum and maximum hear rate. As you exercise, the elliptical resistance will automatically adjust to keep your heart rate at the preferred level. By contrast, the custom programs are fully adaptable to your favored workout formula. That's because you're in charge of setting the resistance level for each of the 20 program segments, and then saving them for future use.


    The trainer includes an 8-inch step height for easy on/off.
      As a bonus, when you purchase a LifeSpan EL3000i elliptical trainer, you automatically receive a membership for the LifeSpan Fitness Club. This comprehensive online health management program, powered by the Interactive Health Partner, lets you select exercise programs, track and manage your fitness and health results, and receive motivating support as you work toward achieving your goals. The LifeSpan Fitness Club is easy to use: each time you work out on the EL3000i, the trainer automatically saves your exercise results on your LifeSpan USB storage device (included). Because the USB is personalized with your age, gender, and weight, not only do you bypass setup screens, you also receive accurate calorie calculations based on your data. Every 20 seconds during your workout, the console will then record your heart rate, minutes, miles, steps, and calories. After your workout, you simply upload your results to your personalized online account on your computer using the USB device. You'll then have access to a full set of detailed reports and fun facts that you can analyze or share with friends, family, fitness coaches, or physicians.


    Other details include an 8-inch step-up height that makes it easy to get on and off the trainer, built-in speakers and an integrated headphone jack, and front-mounted wheels for easy transport. The EL3000i measures 28 by 61 by 52 inches (W x H x D), supports up to 300 pounds, and carries the following warranties: lifetime on the frame and brake, three years on parts, and one year on labor.

      About Elliptical Trainers Elliptical trainers represent the next wave of advancement in low-impact cardiovascular exercise machines and continue to grow in popularity. By simulating motions experienced through walking, stepping, cycling, and skiing, elliptical machines allow for a smooth and fluid motion while building strength in the arms and legs. Similar to the exercise position for treadmills, elliptical trainers are used by standing in an upright position while holding the handrails of the machine. With elliptical trainers, however, your feet remain in the foot pedals throughout the exercise regimen and circulate in a smooth and seamless motion, resulting in little to no impact on the knees, back, and hips.

      Elliptical trainers are compatible for all ages and fitness levels and allow you to select the difficulty level through the incline and intensity settings. Additionally, elliptical trainers allow you to determine the complexity of your workout based on your needs, all while listening to music, watching television, or reading a magazine while exercising in the comfort and safety of your own home.

      Although different types of elliptical trainers offer an assortment of features, many of them include an array of challenging programs, forward and reverse directional movement, EKG grip pulse handles, a lightweight portable design with easy fold-up capability, and a monitor displaying calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate. Other types of exercise machines, namely treadmills and bikes, offer excellent cardiovascular exercise and muscular training for the legs in a forward-motion exercise. Elliptical trainers take this to the next level by offering an upper and lower body workout with dual motion, challenging and diverse programs, and a low-impact exercise machine that won't strain sensitive joints.


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