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          Precor EFX 546i Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer>>>> Only Visit store to see price Best Buy      The Precor E FT 546i commercial series elliptical fitness cross-trainer is a solid machine that is built to mirror the natural movements of the body.  The natural and smooth movement of this machine will give an outstanding workout without harshly impacting the joints.  It is designed to move fluidly, and is very easy to operate and offers an intensive cardiovascular workout, as well as an intensive workout for the gluts and quadriceps. The Precor EFT 546i elliptical has an adjustable cross ramp that allows users to select an angle between fifteen and forty degrees.  This allows for isolation of the hamstrings, calves, quads and gluts.  The stride lengths of this machine vary, ranging from 21.2-Inch to 24.7-Inch.  This makes the workout comparable on what you would receive on a stair climber. The machine has ten programs that are preset, including a program that is designed to test the users’ fitness level.   The Precor EFT 546i also has the ability to change to a new workout program at any point during the workout.  The display console is a very attractive design and is easy to use.  It has very large buttons, and immediately responds to users’ request.  It also contains a six-phase generator, which allows for reduced friction when necessary.  This helps to make the workout comfortable during each workout. Other features of the EFT 546i include the accessory holder, which is equipped to hold water bottles, reading materials and more, a numeric keypad, heart rate monitoring and the option of installing a personal viewing screen.  The 546i also contains a biofeedback center, a computerized system designed to provide feedback on heart rate and calories.  This feedback system will show your actual heart rate and compare it to the target heart rate zone required for effective cardiovascular training and weight loss.        
  • Elliptical trainer with fixed arms designed for rigors of commercial gym with easy-to-use
  • Stride lengths from 21.2 to 24.7-Inch and ramp incline from 15 to 40 degrees
  • 20 levels of resistance, 10 preset programs including 3 cross training, 1 fitness test, 1 manual
  • Hand held heart rate monitoring with compatibility for wireless monitors
  • 350-Pound maximum user weight, 7-year warranty on frame, 2 years parts, 1 year labor
  •           With a smooth, fluid motion that mirrors the movement of the body, the Precor EFX546i elliptical fitness crosstrainer provides an outstanding workout experience with a natural, elliptical movement. Designed for ease-of-use with intuitive displays that help you get on and get going, the 546i features an adjustable CrossRamp that allows you to change incline and target specific muscle groups.


    Easy-to-use handgrip sensors monitor heart rate.
    Stride lengths vary along the incline of the CrossRamp from 21.2 to 24.7 inches.


    • CrossRamp technology: You can select a ramp angle between 15 and 40 degrees throughout the workout to isolate and cross train quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Stride lengths vary along the incline from 21.2 to 24.7 inches for a smooth, comfortable workout.
    • Superior workout for glutes and quads: Working out on an EFX yields significantly more glute and quad activity than using a stairclimber, cycle, or treadmill.
    • Direct access to 10 programs: Six buttons are the gateway to 10 preset programs, including one fitness test. You can select or change to a new program at any time during their workout.
    • Tap Control: Large buttons provide satisfying tactile response and audible click. Beginners and experts alike easily get on and go with this intuitive control. You know the machine has received input, even when using headphones for entertainment.
    • Durable 6-phase generator system with no contacting parts to reduce friction and wear provides 20 levels to tailor workouts with consistent resistance. The 20 resistance levels range from 18 watts (level 1 at 20 SPM) to 720 watts (level 20 at 100 SPM).
    • Double polyurethane wheels with oversized axle and sealed bearings with improved seals glide on precision extruded aluminum tracks to distribute your weight for efficiency
    • Bio-feedback center with SmartRate provides dedicated feedback on heart rate and calories. SmartRate shows your heart rate in relation to the target zone for weight loss and cardio training.
    • Fixed arms
    • Numeric keypad makes data entry and Cardio Theater control easy
    • Heart rate monitoring and compatibility with heart rate telemetry reading using an optional chest strap
    • Transport wheels in the rear of the EFX allow the unit to be moved when cleaning the floor
    • Accessory holders for water bottle, portable music, reading material and more
    • Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame
    • QuickStart lets you begin workout with the push of a single button
    • Enjoy integrated entertainment: An optional Cardio Theater personal viewing screen can be integrated into the console, providing you with entertainment options while keeping you moving in the correct biomechanic position.


    The Precor EFX546i elliptical crosstrainer. The user-friendly console with multiple feedback options make monitoring workouts easy.


    • Power: Self
    • Programs: 3 cross training; 1 fitness test; 2 gluteals; 1 heart rate, 1 interval, 1 manual, 1 weight loss
    • Stride length: 21.2 inches at 13 degrees to 24.7 inches at 40 degrees
    • CrossRamp: 13 to 40 degrees (adjustable)
    • Resistance levels: 1 to 20
    • Maximum pause time: 30 seconds
    • Maximum workout time: 240 minutes
    • Height of foot at maximum incline: 21.5 inches
    • Height of pedal at lowest position (step up): 8 inches
    • Maximum user weight: 350 pounds
    • Dimensions: 80 x 32 x 68 inches (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 318 pounds

    Manufacturer's Warranty Frame - seven years, 5 years display face assembly, parts - two years, labor - one year

    Note on AssemblyPrecor highly recommends that you consider a professional assembly and installation of your Precor exercise machine. If you would like to speak to someone about having your machine professionally installed, please contact Precor at or by calling 1-866-593-5568.

    About Precor Precor is passionate about fitness. It all started with a desire to create a better kind of exercise equipment, one that mirrored human movement: fluid, natural, and dynamic. Twenty-six years later the company's biomechanics and engineering experience have led to countless innovations that have captivated fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Precor has introduced many "firsts" to the fitness industry, including the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (EFX®) in 1995 and the revolutionary, award-winning Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®) in 2007. Today, Precor is a celebrated top-tier brand preferred by fitness enthusiasts of all abilities and their machines are used every day in health clubs, hotels, facilities, and homes worldwide.


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    Precor SeriesPremium HomePremium HomePremium HomePremium HomeHomeHomeCommercialCommercial
    Adjustable CrossRamp®15 to 40 degrees15 to 40 degrees15 to 30 degrees15 to 30 degrees15 to 25 degrees15 to 25 degrees15 to 40 degrees15 to 40 degrees
    Heart RateTouch and wireless; chest strap includedTouch and wireless; chest strap not includedTouch and wireless; chest strap not includedTouch and wireless; chest strap not includedTouchTouchTouch and wireless; chest strap not includedTouch and wireless; chest strap not included
    User IDs42222200
    Resistance Levels2020202016162020
    Locking PinYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
    Size (L x W x H)7' x 2'7" x 5'3"7' x 2'7" x 5'3"7' x 2'7" x 5'3"7' x 2'7" x 5'3"6'4" x 2'5" x 5'2"6'4" x 2'5" x 5'2"6'8" x 2'8" x 5'8"6'8" x 2'8" x 5'8'
    Weight240 pounds240 pounds240 pounds210 pounds176 pounds159 pounds338 pounds318 pounds
    Power120v plug in120v plug in120v plug in120v plug in120v plug in120v plug inSelf poweredSelf powered
    WarrantyFrame: lifetime, parts and wear items: 10 years, labor: 1 yearFrame: lifetime, parts and wear items: 10 years, labor: 1 yearFrame: lifetime, parts and wear items: 10 years, labor: 1 yearFrame: lifetime, parts and wear items: 10 years, labor: 1 yearFrame: lifetime, parts and wear items: 10 years, labor: 1 yearFrame: lifetime, parts and wear items: 10 years, labor: 1 yearConsumer product warranty applies to commercial products purchased for home use. Lifetime frame; 10 years parts and wear items; 1 year laborConsumer product warranty applies to commercial products purchased for home use. Lifetime frame; 10 years parts and wear items; 1 year labor


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