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Pat's Run: No Chad So Sad :(

Posted by ToshiMoshi on May 5, 2008 6:29:41 PM

On Saturday May 3, I ran Pat’s Run at Leland High School in San Jose.

I was bummed because I did not see Chad who I was planning to run with, but received the following e-mail afterwards:


hey toshi, howd you like pats run? did u see me? i was way in front of you! J/k.

I hurt my back 2 weeks ago so cannot run..just actually walking is irritating but

im getting better!. so i was a spectator and hanging out. the guy who won it

came steaming in at just over 20 minutes!! didnt look very tired either. wow.

I saw you come in and yelled out to you but u were focused on that finish. tried to find u but

lost visual behind bleachers. good job! i bet we would have been real close.

hope to c u at the next race,of course next time running. good luck


So, I wrote him back the following e-mail:


Hi Chad!


You were there?! Aww I should've stayed longer.

Sorry about your back. I hope you get better soon.

The guy who won the race is JT Service. He's a san jose local who ran the

Olympic Trial last year.

The 2nd place guy is Kevin Pierpoint. He was in the Elite 5K race in

November and he also won Almaden Classic last year, but he didn't even stay

for the awards ceremony.

Jose Pina got 6th place. There was this Asian kid who was really fast.


My time

mile 1: 5:31

mile 2: 5:56

mile 3: 5:58

mile 4: 5:34

mile 4.2: forgot to stop the watch


I started out with a guy with a cap who came in 2 places ahead of me. At the

start, he was asking me how fast I was running so I told him I'm shooting

around 5:50 per mile and he said he's running around that time. I started

out too fast at 5:31 so I slowed down and he just zoomed right past me. Mile

2 and 3 had a slight hill and I was running with a guy in a black singlet who

finished ahead of me. I came really close to him going downhill, but he

sped up when I got close. There was like 10 seconds gap between each guy and

everyone was trying to catch the guy in front of them and the gap never


Here are the race results. I came in 21st place.


My next race is on Saturday May 10 at Quicksilver Park. I will be running my

first 50K.

The race starts at 6am at Mockingbird Entrance and my goal is to finish in 5hrs.

My girlfriend will be there to support me too. I will attach the map.

Check here for more info:


P.S. I beat your time from last year. Booyah!

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