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Tour de Moshi ? Done!

Posted by ToshiMoshi on Sep 9, 2008 2:37:31 PM

On Aug. 28, 2008, I took on a cycling journey from San Jose, CA to Bakersfield, CA.

This was my first solo multi-day cycling tour covering approximately 500 miles. I took off Thursday and Friday off work to get to Bakersfield and came back to San Jose on Monday Sep 1 on Labor Day.


I wanted to post as soon as possible, but I got busy with work, so here’s a short recap of what happened:


Start of Le Tour. Tony is the commentator.


My Little Giant


Fresh water source?! It was a very hot day on Aug 28, and I was running out of water.


But I found a civilization.


And made some friends.


Priest Valley Station saved my life!


The ride down to Coalinga was beautiful.


The second day started out nice other than my body aching everywhere.


Riding past a vineyard


When did I get to Missouri?!


I started seeing a lot of oilrigs.


I missed a turn and climbed a little hill. By this time, it was around 100F.


Finally made it to Bakes! In my delirious state I texted, “I’m a twice baked potato at Bakes! Judy is fawning over me. It was so hot my cyclometer got fried @ mile 90 but I think it was over 100mile”


My little Giant had to cool down too.


Souvenir from Brown Material Road. Keep it moist!


Brown Material Road is on Hwy 33

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