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Happy blog-versary! It’s been a year since I’ve started this blog and the first blog I wrote was on Quicksilver Challenge 10K. I had met Chad on the previous weekend at another 10K race where he had beaten me at the last mile. It turns he is a semi-pro mountain bicyclist and lives right next to Quicksilver County Park. We agreed to run Quicksilver Challenge and race again. But… I came to the race almost 10 minuets late and he went on to get a 2nd place while I placed 9th place. We’ve been talking about racing again throughout the year, while both of us competed in races of various distances and encouraged each other. Chad placed 38th in Leadville 100 MTB recently and I’ve finished 5th at Quicksilver 50K and just completed Tour de Moshi, a solo bicycle tour covering 500 miles. I have just sent him the following e-mail reminding him about the upcoming Quicksilver 1/2 marathon – an opportunity for us to run together!


Hi chad!


Are you ready for the 1/2 marathon this weekend?

I ran the course last sunday and ran it in 1hr 41min.

I thought I ran pretty hard, but it's so far from 1hr 30min.

hope to see you there. Don't get injured and don’t be late!!


here are my times:


time (h:m:s)





Hacienda to Capehorn pass




Capehorn to Bull Run




Bull Run to Randol




Randol to Capehorn




Capehorn to Hacienda






Here’s the map for reference


And this is what he wrote back:


too late bro, messed up my arch last weekend running in quicksilver. Im done running for awile but biking doesnt hurt too bad. im bummed but dont worry, we'll meet again!, oh yes...

Im gonna be out there rooting u on. I bet you win it! GL


I was bummed too, but I am so happy to see him again. I hope he can help me fix up my Little Giant. The break pads are running low but I dunno how to change it, and I also want to know how to re-wrap the handle.


Also, my girlfriend decided to show up this weekend to cheer me on. I’m really nervous about the race. My left knee cap has been bothering me for a week or so and I’ve been staying late putting in long hours at work. I’ve been tapering down my workouts this week, but it’s been so stressful I can’t help but run to relieve stress. I’ve lost track of eating adequate amount of carbs. It’s a little late to carbo-load, but this would be a good time to focus on my goals:


1. Make it to the race on time.

2. Finish the race without major injuries

3. Try to break 1:40

4. Meet Chad

5. Try to get into top 3

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