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Climbing Aconcagua

Posted by mvalenti on Jan 30, 2008 10:25:09 AM

Excerpts from [We Shall Continue in Style|] by Adrian and Kirsten Korosec


Permit Process for Aconcagua

The first step to getting a permit to climb Aconcagua is going to the Park headquarters and paying the $1000 pesos, roughly $300 USD. You then take your receipt to the regional tourist centre on San Martin Avenue in downtown Mendoza. There you receive the actual permit, have it checked against your passport, get it stamped and sign it. That’s it. The permit will be checked and stamped again at the first camp in Pampas Lenas (roughly translated "Firewood Grasslands"). Your passport is no longer needed after Mendoza. The permit is only good for 20 days.


Update from Base Camp:

I got an e-mail from Adrian and he has reached base camp. The team will rest at the base camp for today and then tomorrow they will carry a load up to Camp 1 and descend to base camp for the evening. The following day, the team will move up to Camp 1. The team follows a similar pattern to reach Camp 2. Summit day is about 10 days from now.


Update from Camp 2:

According to the e-mail, ''Lead Guide Christian Santelices phoned to let us know that the team had safely moved to Camp 2'' on Tuesday. Camp 2 is at 5,400 meters or 17,820 feet. This photo is from the previous expedition in January, but it shows what it looks like near Camp 2.



The weather there has been sunny, warm and calm. Later, the team plans to carry a load to Piedras Blancas at 5,950 meters or 19,635 feet. The team will then rest back at Camp 2 and then move permanently up to Piedras Blancas, the mountain's highest camp before the summit.


For more on climbing Aconcagua and other Argentina adventures, go to [|]

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