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You Know You're Trekking in Patagonia When...

Posted by mvalenti on Mar 17, 2008 4:59:43 PM

Excerpts from [We Shall Continue in Style|] by Adrian and Kirsten Korosec


A few final thoughts and photos of our time trekking in Torres Del Paine and other parts of Patagonia. The following happened to us or people we know.


You know you're trekking in Patagonia when ...


1) You say "Hola" about 100 times on any given day passing trekkers on the trail.


2) Three-fourths of the people you just said "Hola" to are not from South America and don't speak Spanish.


3) You quickly learn there is a huge difference between trekkers and tourists. The trekkers you meet are far more interesting than you are and they all seem to speak four languages.


4) You get dirty. So dirty that buses often have signs forbidding trekkers from taking off their shoes.


5) Random dogs follow you for miles into a national park where NO PERROS ARE ALLOWED. Everyone asks the gringo ... ¿Su perro?



6) The wind knocks you over.


7) A mouse chews through your tent and eats your crackers while you're sleeping.


8)It's so hot that you strip down to a T-shirt and shorts, and then it rains. And then the wind picks up. Five minutes later it's so hot you strip down to a T-shirt and shorts again.



9) Rain gear is the only effective mosquito repellent.



10) The "trail" you're following may have been erected by a blindfolded, drunken Chileno.


11) Maté is like having your own guide. It is never lost in translation and when shared all language barriers seem to fall away.


12) The bridges seem like they might fall apart. Sometimes they do.







12) It's entirely possible that the ice in your Pisco Sour came from an iceberg.


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