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9 Worst Summer Vacation Destinations

Posted by mvalenti on May 8, 2008 4:52:40 PM

Newsweek recently posted a great article on their site about unhealthy destinations for a summer vacation.


Detroit and Memphis topped the list, more for murders and thieves than for being bad for your health.


Three cities in Southern California captured the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions: Long Beach, Riverside and LA. The American Lung Association claims these cities have the worst pollution-ridden air (surprise, surprise).


Phoenix and Houston are too hot, Florida restaurants have trouble maintaining health codes and Lexington, KY is bad for allergies.


As enticing as these places normally sound, I don't think  it will be hard to stay away from them this summer!


Although, strangely enough, Riversidewhich is probably the most unappealing location on the listhappens to have a quarry where local climbers go to get a good workout close to home. Not even the rotting garbage and decomposing dogs can keep climbers from getting on granite.

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