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Diving Pictures

Posted by SD Tri-girl on Dec 4, 2007 8:08:00 PM

From Day 2 on, we had more fun. The winds and seas had died down and we saw some amazing fish and life under water.  There were so many highlights, but for us one highlight was seeing a huge octopus changing colors as it moved away in an effort to hide.  Lots of white tipped reef sharks, grouper, giant cod, tube worms, giant sea slugs, turtles, incredible lion fish, tons of brightly colored fish and amazing coral - it's a whole other world under there.  I just love it!!

Check out this little guy: !DSC05610_r1.JPG!


And these lion fish - gorgeous. Can you see them both?


Here is the infamous octopus:


Lastly, this blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of the cod feeding.  These suckers were HUGE!  Some of them came really close to us. Here are come pictures of the cod and also one checking out my friend, Vicki, who quickly backed up.  It gives you some perspective on how big they are.


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SD Tri-girl

SD Tri-girl

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I currently write this from the western part of Puerto Rico. When I get back, I have 2 weeks before I leave for Australia - I'll be taking the new Sony GPS unit with me to track where I go and the fun places I'll be hiking and diving. Can't wait!

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