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February 2008

The kids

Posted by SD Tri-girl Feb 12, 2008

We have four kids - Ollie, Hocus, Fisher and Lucy.


Today was a gorgeous sunny day in San Diego so I let the kids out to play.  Lucy took a nap...

Ollie hid behind a plant until he figured it was safe...look at how cute he is!

Hocus ran around exploring the back garden.  She likes to roam.

And here's Fisher exploring in the sun.


And those are the kids.  Well-behaved, don't eat much, pretty low maintenance.

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Rugby 7's

Posted by SD Tri-girl Feb 12, 2008



Well, we made it to the final play-offs and then lost to the Kiwis!  Shane will never let that one down...also note that Paula was only wearing an All-Blacks jersey because it was warm...


I met up with my cousin and some friends of ours that I have not seen since 1989 - how cool is that?  Here we all are, having fun at Petco Park watching rugby.  This is Steve, Dean, Grant and Craig.  Last time I saw them we were all in South Africa and we were 21 years old!

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San Dieguito Half Marathon

Posted by SD Tri-girl Feb 12, 2008

It was chilly in the morning (for San Diego) but I could tell it was going to be a gorgeous day - perfect for running if it didn't get too hot.  Eric and I met up with some friends in the morning and went over the race start.  Since this was Eric's first half marathon, he was nervous and excited so we wanted to get there a little early.


The race itself was really pretty through Rancho Santa Fe, over rolling hills that seemed to go uphill both ways.  It was a tough run but we managed to persevere.  The next day my legs were definitely feeling it. Along the way we met up with a bunch of friends from paddling and the tri club which was really nice.  After the race, we saw them all in the beer garden too - sponsored by Stone Brewery, that was not be missed! At the end of the day, I am not sure he's sold on the idea of another half marathon, but we'll see...


Here is Eric with Ollie, our kitty, showing off his race.



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Today is a good day

Posted by SD Tri-girl Feb 8, 2008

Today I was selected as the winner of the Sony Ambassador program for best blog site - wow!  If that isn't motivation to keep this going....thanks Sony!!  Love your products, love your programs!


This weekend I am running in the San Dieguito Half Marathon with my husband. This is his first half marathon ever. Although I have never done it, I hear it's a tough one - wish us luck!!

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I currently write this from the western part of Puerto Rico. When I get back, I have 2 weeks before I leave for Australia - I'll be taking the new Sony GPS unit with me to track where I go and the fun places I'll be hiking and diving. Can't wait!

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