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Lucy loves Easter

Posted by SD Tri-girl Mar 30, 2008

We gave her a stuffed chick for Easter and she was in heaven, alternating between lying on it and protecting it, and ripping it to shreds.  All in all, it was exhausting.

So tired after a long day with the Easter chick.

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Vail, CO

Posted by SD Tri-girl Mar 14, 2008

Snowboarding in fresh powder is the best feeling ever.  I have only experienced powder like this once before, in Mammoth, but to have fresh powder every day was a real treat.  It's going to be hard to go back to icy Big Bear after this trip.  It's like when you scuba dive locally and then go to Fiji or the Great Barrier's tough to go back to cold, murky water.


I spent 5 days in Vail, CO with a group of super fun people, boarding down freshly groomed slopes, sitting in the jacuzzi with it snowing above, having good wine and playing yahtzee in the evenings in our condo. 


Here is Vicky (AKA "Sticky") and I on the chairlift the first day. It was snowing as we headed up to the top of the mountain and chilly.


Sticky was heading down a mountain at full speed until she wiped out. A moment that had to be captured on film.


We stopped at one point and just made snow angels in the deep powder.


The views were amazing.


Here is my trusty board, covered in snow, when we stopped for lunch.


Check out these fun runs through the trees over at Blue Sky Basin, a great bowl on the backside of Vail.



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