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It was a cold morning but we put in a great showing and took home the cup. Here's the club race report straight from Grace - Chief Motivator:

"We had about 10 AGTC people pre-registered for the Gotham Cup Club Challenge in Prospect Park. We were only 10 points ahead of BrooklynTri, and the race roster listed only Brooklyn residents. I didn't think we had enough people to take home the Gotham Cup. Most AG club members are in their off-season, and for those who aren't, traveling to Brooklyn on a cold, Sunday morning is a hard sell. But surprisingly, another 4 diehards AGTCers showed up Sunday morning. Talking to the race director before the start, she told me many in the Brooklyn club had cancelled over the weekend due to "injury" or "being out of town." "

hose racing for our club were:


1st place Overall - Ben Leese

2nd place Overall - Jen R (the birthday girl)

3rd place Overall - Kate M ?

1st place AG - Marti M, Julie C, Billy M (5th overall)

2nd place AG  - Erika B, JR, Neil C

3rd place AG - Grace B

Also racing - Paul S, Tim H, Jen B, Ben L, Ben's girlfriend Tricia and Vero R was running the course.


Ben Leese was the overall winner of the race!! And being the only person in one of those funny bike helmets, it's a good thing he won He was leaps and bounds ahead of the pack. How fast was he going? According to one of the teenage volunteers, "Yeah, that guy was blazin!!"


There was some controversy with the awards. Maybe it was because the scoring chips were antennas wrapped in saran wrap?! Depending on how you look at it, Kate M placed 3rd overall, 4th overall or maybe 1st in AG? Kate, you'll always be a winner in our eyes. At the time of this report, the official times were not available Maybe the controversy had to do with the required number of laps for the bike course? Tim H decided to bike 5 laps instead of the required 4. Overachiever!! I received my first triathlon award. Maybe the timing errors worked in my favor...


All in all, it was a great long as you had ski clothes and a snuggle buddy. We crushed the other triathlon clubs in awards, numbers, enthusiasm and volume. What other club serenades their teammate as she's receiving her award?!! We went home with major metal. The club trophy is huge! I will be posting pictures to the AG website later this week. In the meantime, check out the Gotham Cup on display at AG. You earned it!!

Thanks for the reportGrace!


Yes I did do 5 loops of the park when I should have done 4 - I blame brain freeze but maybe I just need to practice counting!

I actually carried the GPS reciever with me the whole day and found a great site that allows me to upload my GPS tracks for the entire day rather than just with the photographs.

Gotham Cup Club Challenge at EveryTrail


Map created by EveryTrail: GPS, Photos & Geotagging!


Looking at the data I collected you can actually see the route I took too and from the race and if you zoom in me wandering around in transition and the 5 loops I did in error - Pretty cool!



Here are the pictures:


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