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The Goodies Arrive!

Posted by Tim Haden Oct 31, 2007

I came home to find the box of Sony goodies at my front door tonight. Sure beats anything I ever got trick or treating on Halloween

My job now is to capture as much stuff on film as possible during my travels. So over the next few months I will be traveling from New York to Toronto, Washington DC, Hong Kong, London, Chile and Whislter! Is there anything you have you ever wanted to see in any of those places? Let me know I will do my best to snap the shots and video and post them right here! And even better you will know exactly where I took the pics because the nifty gps unit will record it on a map!


In an attempt to push the boundries I will also be attempting to train a carrier pigeon to fly about with this stuff and take aerial pictures too. Not sure how it's going to turn out but here's to trying...

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Tim Haden

Tim Haden

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Sony asked me to become a brand ambassador for their new camera GPS system. So here you can and see what I've seen and where I've seen it. Things to look out for in the coming months: - New York - London - Skiing and loads more...

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