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ready or not

Posted by staceyr3 Apr 30, 2010

Here it comes.  2010 racing season is already here.  I think I've been living in a time warm with my achilles injury.  By this time last year I had already podiumed at local tris, mountain centuries, and been solid  fighting shape.  Well, this year is different after life in the achilles boot.  Phhooeeey.  Nothing's gonna hurt more than my pride during these opening races.  But hopefully I'll catch up.  I'm leaning hard on the local tri community to pick up the pieces of me in this first one...


White lake half Ironman 5/9

Buffalo Springs 70.3 6/28

Racine 70.3 7/18

Timberman 70.3 8/ 22

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What a year!

Posted by staceyr3 Oct 14, 2009

It ain't no joke racing pro.  I put on my big- girl pants this year and stepped it up as a card-carrying member of USAT Elite.  Wow.  My eyes are opened.   Here's what I learned so far.


1.  Play the game.  Know the rules pros follows and the rules pros break and follow suit. 


2.  Keep your wits about you. It's nerve-racking standing around with Joanna Lawn, Lisa Bently, Desiree Ficker, Mirinda Carfrae, Joanna Zeiger.  Stay out of the way but don't shy away.


3.  Run with the wolves and not the puppies.  If you can't hold your own on the run, go home and train harder!


4.  Don't quit.  Have some class even if your race is terrible and finish it.  I had a share of mediocre races but made myself finish, pride be damned.  I feel better for it.


5.  Get a coach.  Get a good coach.  I love my coach at TriangleMultisport.  Do you love yours? If not, google tristacey and let's get started for 2010..


happy off season to you.  : )

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