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Sold the boat

Posted by Steve Carton Nov 14, 2008

Truculent Turtle is no longer my boat - I sold her after a wonderful 8-year love-affair. But it was time. We want something bigger. I'm looking at several things, including the J35. Seems like a lot of boat for the money. And certainly one that my wife and I can cruise on.

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Fireworks Washout

Posted by Steve Carton Jul 7, 2008

After all my planning, the fouth was a bit of a washout. We went sailing for the afternoon, but headed in for the evening. Thunderstorms were rolling in. Ended up just having a nice dinner instead. Then on Saturday, motored down to Herrington Harbor to see their fireworks. No wind, but as the TStorms were rolling in, we turned around again. Say the fireworks, but from a bit of a distance. Ah well -- next year!

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We race with Pirates Cove Race Club on Wednesday nights (sometimes, anyway) and finally managed to get to our first race yesterday. It was fun and a learning experience, but we didn't do well. We had two new crew who were not experienced racers or even sailors, so the evening was more for training and teaching than for competition. But it was, as always, a lot of fun.



Wind seemed to be 7-10Kts from the south with veers a bit to the southwest. No persistent shift present,



We had a decent, but not great start, pretty much second across the line but to leeward of the fleet. It was a broad reach start, so we got the kite up and pulling early.  Crew settled in. I stayed low to preserve air and position for the first (stb) rounding, which was a jibe to a reach. This was a strategic mistake as we ended up high of the fleet for the next leg and the next mark rounding was to port. So we were outside boat and with a new crew, I didn't feel comfortable mixing it up. So we let some boats go and concentrated on the rounding/jib up/kite down/jibe which is a complicated maneuver. Got that okay but we were forced to tack to clear air which then put us in the lee of the shore for the trip back in.



We sailed well, especially with a new crew. But I should have paid more attention to the course so as to not go high early and get stuck after the rounding.



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Sailing on the 4th

Posted by Steve Carton Jul 1, 2008


I love seeing fireworks from my boat on the water. So this year, after a lot of research and hand-wringing, I'm going to spend the day Friday sailing around the middle bay and then wind up in Herrington Harbor for fireworks. Should be a great show. I've been to that one by land before. Gotta get the hull cleaned first or I may never get there (too slow).



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Well, I haven't been down to the Turtle all winter and that's really a

shame. We went sailing in the BVIs and I haven't had the heart to tell

the turtle about it yet! And since racing season starts in April, I

really ought to go take stock of whatever spring commissioning needs to

be done.




I had really wanted to get a new genoa, but the prices are just too

high for what I wanted to get. So I'll make do for another season. And

I may have some crew issues -- our foredeck man just had a baby

(congratulations Jason!) and our trimmer may be moving to NYC (you

bum), so I may be finding and training some newbies. Ah well, better

get on with it.


And I had been talking about selling the turtle (shhh - I don't think she knows). I had some inquiries about it, but I never

seemed to be willing to go take pictures of her, so I guess I'm not

serious. But I think I will write up an entry with what pics I have to

see if anyone is interested enough to talk. She has a nice new awlgrip.

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