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Getting Ready to Sail (Still)!

Posted by Steve Carton on Jun 27, 2008 1:25:34 PM


Well, I haven't been down to the Turtle all winter and that's really a

shame. We went sailing in the BVIs and I haven't had the heart to tell

the turtle about it yet! And since racing season starts in April, I

really ought to go take stock of whatever spring commissioning needs to

be done.




I had really wanted to get a new genoa, but the prices are just too

high for what I wanted to get. So I'll make do for another season. And

I may have some crew issues -- our foredeck man just had a baby

(congratulations Jason!) and our trimmer may be moving to NYC (you

bum), so I may be finding and training some newbies. Ah well, better

get on with it.


And I had been talking about selling the turtle (shhh - I don't think she knows). I had some inquiries about it, but I never

seemed to be willing to go take pictures of her, so I guess I'm not

serious. But I think I will write up an entry with what pics I have to

see if anyone is interested enough to talk. She has a nice new awlgrip.

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Steve Carton

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