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Tidal Basin 3K --  March 19, 2008

Posted by Steve Carton on Mar 19, 2008 12:48:26 PM


I joined a group of friends to run the Tidal Basin 3K today. It's apparently something the DC Roadrunners put on once a month -- a 3K race around the tidal basin in DC. The weather was great, though perhaps a little warm and humid. It started raining harder later, but held off for this sprint. It was sort of like interval training without the intervals.



I had never done anything like this before. Short and sweet, full-on the whole way. I was dogging the heals of the fastest of our little group for most of the run, but as we came past the last bridge and into the final stretch, the wind hit hard and I started flagging. I managed to post a finish time of 14:51 -- about an 8/mile lung-clearing, muscle rending pace (not too shabby for a turtle).



But it was just plain fun. In the slog of distance training, with all the fluids and gels and gear, this was easy. I'll definately do this again.



Thanks to the DC Roadrunners for hosting it.



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