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Yikes It's Hot Out There

Posted by Steve Carton on Jun 10, 2008 12:52:49 PM


Yeah, the heat is on!



Last night (Monday) was supposed to be intervals night. It was 98 in DC at 5pm and it was humid too. Oh yeah -- and it was a code-red air day for ground-level ozone. But being seriously foolhardy, we decided to venture out anyway. The idea was to do a 1.5 mile warmup (hah), followed by 4x800s and then a 1.5 mile cooldown. Just as we were getting ready to start out, my RB's wife called to remind him how hot it was out there. But we were determined.  I was hand-carrying a quart-sized bottle of Gatorade G2 diluted. my plan was to leave that at the point where would start our repeats.



Well, we got out there and we were more than a little warmed up. My lungs felt slightly irritated (kind of like I was breathing cayan pepper). We turned to eah other and decided we really should not do the intervals. So we headed back to the barn.



Hot again today too. But tonight we're supposed to get a "cold" front through and tomorrow and Thursday will be cooler (mid-80s) with lower humidity. That will make for a better long run I suppose.



But DC summer has arrived!



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