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Turtle Training

June 26, 2008

Ammonia Smelling Sweat

Posted by Steve Carton Jun 26, 2008

Sometimes when I run a long training run (upwards of 12 miles or

so) at the end, I feel like I can "taste" or "smell" ammonia. I've

always assumed that this is caused by my body depleting all my glycogen

stores and going into ketosis. I've never tested my pee with a

keto-stick, though I do have some, left over from an Atkins stint

several years ago.


Last week I ran a 16 miler in San Francisco San Francisco Long Run (Wow)

and then wrapped my clothes up in a hotel plastic bag and packed them

for the trip home. The next morning, back at home (Annapolis), when I

opened the bag, the running clothes reeked of ammonia. First time I've

ever noticed that. I didn't eat anything prior to that run and had two

gels during it (breakfast of champions). So the question is, am I going

into ketosis? And, more importantly, is that a bad thing. I think

I am and that it's bad because it indicates consumption of muscle

tissue to supply energy. But I'm no physiologist or nutritionist. So I

may be dead wrong.



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