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Tapering to the Baltimore Marathon, 2008

Posted by Steve Carton on Sep 26, 2008 8:30:21 AM


Well, this is the end of our first taper week (of 3) so we planned to run 16.2 miles easy last night. Interesting weather - drizzle and windy and cool. We ran probably faster than we should have or needed to (and my legs feel it today), but we had near-perfect distance running conditions. In the end, we ran a bit more than our plan.



Our LDT route goes from National Airport (Gravely Point Park) north, over the 14th street bridge and then up and into Rock Creek Park, thru the National Zoo and on up towards the park's  nature center, depending on the distance. It's a great route - water roughly every 2 miles, some big hills in the longer distance versions, free parking, well maintained trails the whole way, interesting sites and very few street crossings (6, I think. And only 3 are actually ever busy).



So we ran north, about 8.2 miles, stopping for a few minutes to give directions to some lost teens at the zoo, and turned around. Got back to the zoo, ran through it, and found, to our surprise, the gates at the trail exit were closed and locked. We backtracked a bit and climbed up the embankment to the Zoo road, looking for a way out and couldn't find one. Ended up backtracking to the main entrance and out that way. Added about 1.2 miles plus some mountaineering But also meant we got to run thu the parkway tunnel south of the zoo (which we normally get to miss by staying on the trail) and that was dis-topian - like something from a Will Smith movie.



We ended up back at the car, safe and sound, just a bit further on the distance than we wanted. But a fun diversion. I need to get a small sweatproof camera to carry for these events! Any recommendations?



Next week is a 10 mile long run.The week after, just short and easy. 



Slogging onward.



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