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Harrisburg or Bust?

Posted by Steve Carton on Oct 23, 2009 11:06:38 AM

It's been a while since I wrote - have not had a good training season this summer for a bunch of reasons. I sprained my right ankle in May (after the Frederick Marathon) and had to take about 6 weeks off of any serious running for that. Also developed a sinus infection that slowed me down a bunch even after I got back into it. And work heated up a lot. Oh - and I got a new toy - a 35' sailboat. That has taken some of my time and interest! And travel and vacations, etc.


So I'm very late getting ready from Harrisburg. I got one 20-mile LSD in a week ago. Will attempt a second tomorrow (Saturday). But I'm way off my game. So I'm heading to Harrisburg in 2 weeks+ with no more expectation that to just finish. And then get started over the winter, training in earnest again.


After the ankle injury I dropped almost all the speedwork out of my training. Not sure if this was smart, but I was scared of a reinjury. So I am doing some speedwork now, but it's too close to the event to do anything major. Have to start back on that after recovery!

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