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Gems in the City

Posted by Steve Carton on Feb 4, 2010 10:59:05 AM

We had a decent 18 mile LSD Tuesday. But since we're between snowstorms, the usual trails we run are covered in snow, slush and ice. Makes for a difficult run, especially as the distance grows. So we decided instead to make a few (4) loops around Haines Point. This little penninsula in DC that sticks out into the Potomac river is very flat and usually numbingly boring after one loop. A lot of the MCM runners complain about it. And we did 4 loops.


But it turned out to be a very nice run. On each side of the loop we got very close to a fox who played coy with us when I tried to get his picture:




And also a pair of Bald Eagles, waiting for dinner. I suppose that would be us in a few more loops!



Although wildlife is nothing new on this run, the fox and the Eagles were a special treat.



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