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Final LSD before B&A Marathon

Posted by Steve Carton on Feb 21, 2010 8:00:45 AM

Well, my RB & I managed a 21 mile LSD in DC on Thursday 2/18. For those in the areaa, you'll know this was no mean feat (feet) - we're still blanketed in snow. None of our regular or rave routes are open. So we decided to try and craft a route around Haines Point which makes for a nice loop sticking out into the Potomac river.  But we discovered where DC is putting some of the snow from the streets - the tip of Haines Point is a veritable mountain! So we ran a weird course down and back on each side. The "story" was heading down the east side of the park to find a huge tour bus that didn't know the road was closed and got all the way down to the point and the snow mountain, couldn't proceed and couldn't turn around. Was slowly backing out about a mile.


But we managed to get 21 miles in. Final LSD before the B&A. Question now is, will that race actually get run? There's more snow there than in DC!

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