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B&A Trail Marathon, 2010

Posted by Steve Carton on Mar 8, 2010 5:07:20 AM

This is always a good race and I look forward to it every year. This was no exception. And my RB ran it with me, making it less lonely in the outer stretches, like from miles 14 on :-) But the main event this year was the incredible weather. After months of cold and snow, it warmed up a bit making this a perfect day for a run. Temps were in the 40s for most of the day and there was a little wind from the north, but not problematic.


B&A 2010


We started out before the race trying to figure out what to wear. Decided on shorts and two shorts - the idea being to peel one off once we warmed up. Which we did.


The starting area was crowded, as always, making for about a minute to cross the starting line. I'm always amazed at the number of 50-staters at this marathon. Although maybe they are at every one and I just haven't noticed?


B&A 2010


Although there was snow on the side of the trail, the trail itself was clear. Very smooth running.

B&A 2010


The half marathoners turn left towards the finish here, which is cool, but it gets lonely after this point. about 700 runners end at the haf and only about 300 go on for the full.


There are always a lot of characters at the water stops.

B&A 2010

B&A 2010


B&A 2010


Always a highlight of this race - the final turnaround - about the 19 mile point. At this spot, we turn around and so, no matter how tired I am, I know I will finish!


I had a good, but not great race. No PR this time, though my RB did have one. I ran solidly and steadily through mile 24. At that point, my calfs on both legs cramped hard and I had to stop and massage/stretch them. After that, I couldn't run so I walked to the next water stop, took some electrolytes and gatorade and water, and walked some more until I could feel the calfs loosening. After that, I was back at pace again, but I lost a good 7-8 minutes. Ah well. Final time was 4:46, and my 10th marathon is in the books.

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