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Marine Corp Marathin Training, 2010

Posted by Steve Carton on Sep 17, 2010 11:47:02 AM

Well, here it is mid-September and I've been signed up for the MCM since June and only started traning in earnest in the past few weeks. I must be crazy! But it's just been to darned hot here in DC to run much this summer. I managed to keep it up at about a 20-mile per week rate, but always shorter (6-mile) runs. So once we got the first break in the heat and humidity (which would have been late August), I jumped back in at 14 miles. Biy was that brutal. And still warm - upper-80s. Since then, adding 2 miles per week so that this wee I'm at 18 and feeling like I might just make this! I'm running well, though slowly, and trying hard not get an injury.


So the plan for the next four weeks is another 18, then a drop-back/recovery, then two weeks of 22 milers. Oh, and speed work too.


With luck I'll be ready on Halloween!

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