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new plan

Posted by sparks37 on Mar 4, 2008 11:15:19 AM

I've started a new training schedule. Up until now I've just been getting out there and running. After having some health problems, I had to slow down and just try and get healthy so running wasn't really a priority at that time.

Now that I'm feeling better I'm ready to attack. I've made up a new training schedule using the Runner's World smart coach option as a guideline. Now I'm ready to train.






Tempo run with a total distance of 8 k.



2 k warm up and 2 k cool down which leaves me with 4 k at a faster pace.



I'm hoping to do this on the track since it's a 2 k run to the track.






It's also time to get the bike out so I can start biking to and from work as part of my cross training.  This area isn't really biking friendly but i've got my route that meanders a little, but it get me there. I just hope I can handle those  mountain hills as I try and ease into it. 



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