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Vimax Pills VS VigRx Plus - Which One is Better

Posted by NoloGareng on Oct 11, 2010 10:00:53 AM

There are a lot of companies on the peniss pills market today claiming that they have the solution for enlarging your peniss permanently, but most of them are selling bad or substandard products. Only few of these companies are trusted.  There are a lot of solutions for enlargement, like pills, devices, exercises, and surgery, but pills are by far the most effective and the most secure solution, especially those made only by natural ingredients.

From all the products only few are capable of providing you the results you want and thus you can improve your sexual performance and confidence in bed. There are already many natural solutions for this; you just need to know which one is the most effective.


Two of the best products on the market are Vimax and Vigrx. These are very similar products, thus is very difficult to say which one is better.  Independent companies made some tests that show that although Vigrx has more ingredients than others, Vimax is more effective than Vigrx, due to their professional team of doctors with many years of experience. From another point of view, the support is also important for a customer, and there are many customers that are saying that Vimax support team is a little bit better than Vigrx. Vimax pill has an excellent support team which includes a Live Chat in Addition to e-mail and phone support.

After this, Vimax has more advantage because they offer free peniss enlargement exercises, meaning that you get a more complete enlarge system and workout, and the final results are better.


Vigrx pills are based by a natural formula which can increase peniss size, improve overall sexual health and strengthen erections. Albion Medical has helped a lot of men conquer serious erectile dysfunctions issues. These dysfunction issues refer to small peniss size, poor self-image, as well as lack of potency and premature ejaculation.


Many customers who used these pills indicate an average gains between 1 and 2 inches in a 4 up to 6 month period. This long time may be because the ingredients are not of the highest quality. Vigrx's price is cheap, but you should consider the packaging costs and the fact that that the gains will be al lot slower.


Vimax pills are made by pillsexpert, and it is one of the best products by now. Using Vimax Pills is 100% safe, because these are formulated from herbs from all over the world, herbs hat have been proved to work, and you can be sure that Vimax will improve your performance. With Vimax pills you can gain up to 3 or 4 inches in length, and up to 25% increase in girth.

And you can see the changes after just few weeks. After one month or two the changes are really noticeable. You will be amazed how longer and thicker your peniss will be.


One of the main advantages of these pills is that once you gain the desired length, the changes are permanently; you do not have to take more pills once you gain the desired size. Also, these pills can improve your sexual health, in only few weeks you will se the changes, a bigger peniss and a longer lasting erection. You will have more intense orgasm, improved urinary flow, and increased blood circulation in genital area, and you will notice a general improvement of your sexual life.

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