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February 2008

U.S. women's U-20 players Tobin Heath and Casey Nogueira go one-on-one, juggling the ball and showing off their tricks and skills:


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Mt. Disappointment

Posted by Active Toby Feb 25, 2008

I just found this video on Chris Fales' blog. Chris and I ran together for over 10 miles in this race. He's a great guy and personal trainer here in San Diego. Chris is seen towards the end of the video telling a story about an encounter with a snake. Right after that, I make my appearance as the last finisher of the day (over 15 hours!).

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Freedom of the Hills

Posted by Active Toby Feb 22, 2008

I found this posted on the blog, Zen and the Art of Triathlon. Anton Krupicka not only shares the same first name as me, but he has made a name for himself in the 100-mile distance ultra marathon scene.


I'll take inspiration in any shape or form, in this case, its shirtless:


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An Amazing Trick Shot

Posted by Trish18 Feb 14, 2008

This is one of the most amazing trick shots I have ever seen. Check it out:



I wonder how long that took to set up... and how many times it was tried before they got it right??

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You've got to see this!



Brittney Griner, a high school student from Houston, Texas, is no match for her competition. At just shy of 6'8", she recently played a game in which she was one assist away from a quadruple-double and dunked twice. And she wears men's size 18 shoes! I think she'll give Candice Parker a run for her money.

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I just watched this video and had to hear what other people think about it. The team in red pulled the "Wrong Ball Coach" trick play and absolutely no one saw it coming. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback, who holds the ball up in the air as he yells "wrong ball's the wrong ball" and walks towards the sideline. Then you hear someone yell "GO" from the sideline and the quarterback turns and sprints all the way in for a touchdown. I hadn't seen this done before and am not sure if it's even legal or not, but since the center snapped the ball I think it should be.


What do you think? Is the play legal? Have you ever seen a team run the "Wrong Ball Coach" trick play or anything like it before?







Awesome Football Trick Play - Watch more free videos </font>






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Soccer Skills Gone Wild

Posted by saraallent Feb 6, 2008

I have seen a lot of soccer skills videos, but this one is definitely up there as one of the best. Some of the tricks are absolutely amazing and am still wondering how on earth they were able to do them. Check the video out below and let me know what you think.


Which trick is your favorite? Any tricks you have never seen before?







Incredible Soccer Skills - Watch more free videos </font>




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