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The Stupidest Bike Lane?

Posted by Active Toby Mar 31, 2008

Check out this competition--unfortunately, I think we've all seen some horrible bike lanes in our travels. Check out this whopper:


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Hoop it Up

Posted by Trish18 Mar 26, 2008

A teenager in Utah is one of the stars of his basketball team and he lost the use of his right arm in an accident when he was a young boy. He now plays basketball and baseball--and plays both sports very well. Check him out:


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Amazing Catch for Charity

Posted by saraallent Mar 19, 2008

Chad Coller made an amazing catch over the fence in a charity softball game in Marquette, Michigan. I was surprised he bounced back up so quickly, but he got the out. Nice job Chad! Check it out.





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And you think your training regimen is solid?





Think again... haha

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A quick but thorough look at the history of snowboarding:


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Racing Humor

Posted by Active Toby Mar 12, 2008

I found this hilarious "race-strategy" video on this great blog called half-fast.


Check it out:


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Will Ferrell showed off the basketball skills he learned as Jackie Moon on the set of Semi-Pro when he faced basketball legend Bill Walton in a game of H.O.R.S.E.


Ferrell hit 3 shots in a row to jump out to a quick H.O.R. lead. Then he sunk an impossible, behind the glass, Larry Bird inspired shot to go up H.O.R.S.


The video never actually shows the outcome of the match but it seems fairly safe to say that Ferrell went on to take the game.


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Inspiration Station

Posted by Active Toby Mar 5, 2008

I got goosebumps watching this race finish. Check out this spectacular sprint:


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Steep: Big Mountain Skiing

Posted by Trish18 Mar 4, 2008

Steep is a feature documentary about bold adventure, exquisite athleticism and the pursuit of a perfect moment on skis. It is the story of big mountain skiing, a sport that barely existed 35 years ago.


It started in the 1970s in the mountains above Chamonix, France, where skiers began to attempt ski descents so extreme that they appeared almost suicidal. Now, two generations later, some of the world's greatest skiers pursue the exhilaration of skiing and exploring big, wild, remote mountains.


This film was shot in Alaska, Wyoming, Canada, France and Iceland. Check out the beautiful views and incredible skiing:


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