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18 Posts authored by: Active Toby

American 50K record holder, Josh Cox , is an "online" buddy of mine and he's produced some really cool videos of Ryan Hall's final training and preparation for the Boston Marathon.


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60 Minutes = 1 hour

Posted by Active Toby Apr 10, 2009
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Believe in yourself

Posted by Active Toby Jan 14, 2009

2009 is here and its your year to redefine impossible. We're here to support you, your goals and your dreams!


[wingsuit base jumping |] from Ali on Vimeo .

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IFSC World Cup of Climbing

Posted by Active Toby Jun 12, 2008


Check out the other winning climbs from the World Cup Bouldering Finals

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Ford Ironman World Championship 70.3 from Clearwater, FL will air on NBC at 5PM EST (check local listings) on April 12, 2008.


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The Stupidest Bike Lane?

Posted by Active Toby Mar 31, 2008

Check out this competition--unfortunately, I think we've all seen some horrible bike lanes in our travels. Check out this whopper:


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And you think your training regimen is solid?





Think again... haha

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Racing Humor

Posted by Active Toby Mar 12, 2008

I found this hilarious "race-strategy" video on this great blog called half-fast.


Check it out:


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Inspiration Station

Posted by Active Toby Mar 5, 2008

I got goosebumps watching this race finish. Check out this spectacular sprint:


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Mt. Disappointment

Posted by Active Toby Feb 25, 2008

I just found this video on Chris Fales' blog. Chris and I ran together for over 10 miles in this race. He's a great guy and personal trainer here in San Diego. Chris is seen towards the end of the video telling a story about an encounter with a snake. Right after that, I make my appearance as the last finisher of the day (over 15 hours!).

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Freedom of the Hills

Posted by Active Toby Feb 22, 2008

I found this posted on the blog, Zen and the Art of Triathlon. Anton Krupicka not only shares the same first name as me, but he has made a name for himself in the 100-mile distance ultra marathon scene.


I'll take inspiration in any shape or form, in this case, its shirtless:


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Here is a wonderfully inspiring video from Runner's World:


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Training for Triathlon

Posted by Active Toby Nov 16, 2007

Watch this funny triathlon video:


Make your very own Active Video!

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Cycle ball aka "radball"

Posted by Active Toby Nov 14, 2007

According to Wikipedia: "Cycle ball, also known as "radball" (a German word literally translated as "wheel-ball") is a sport, similar to football only the competitors play while riding bicycles. Each of the two people on a team rides a specialized bicycle with no brakes and no freewheel (a fixed gear bicycle). The ball is controlled by using the bike and (rarely) the head, except when defending the goal."



Show us your skills--make an Active Video today!

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15 laterals to victory!

Posted by Active Toby Nov 13, 2007

Anything is possible folks:



Make your own Active Video today!

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