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This is a bit insane and especially for an nba star making millions. Would you let your star player do a stunt like this? Doubt it!



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One Shining Moment 2008

Posted by Trish18 Apr 9, 2008

I want to take a moment to display the highlights of one of the greatest single-elimination tournaments of all time. That’s right, here is One Shining Moment, where you can see the best of three weeks and 64 games’ worth of college basketball's March Madness:


Quite possibly the best three minutes in sports.


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Hoop it Up

Posted by Trish18 Mar 26, 2008

A teenager in Utah is one of the stars of his basketball team and he lost the use of his right arm in an accident when he was a young boy. He now plays basketball and baseball--and plays both sports very well. Check him out:


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Will Ferrell showed off the basketball skills he learned as Jackie Moon on the set of Semi-Pro when he faced basketball legend Bill Walton in a game of H.O.R.S.E.


Ferrell hit 3 shots in a row to jump out to a quick H.O.R. lead. Then he sunk an impossible, behind the glass, Larry Bird inspired shot to go up H.O.R.S.


The video never actually shows the outcome of the match but it seems fairly safe to say that Ferrell went on to take the game.


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You've got to see this!



Brittney Griner, a high school student from Houston, Texas, is no match for her competition. At just shy of 6'8", she recently played a game in which she was one assist away from a quadruple-double and dunked twice. And she wears men's size 18 shoes! I think she'll give Candice Parker a run for her money.

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Check out NBA star, Steve Nash, in this ball handling video...




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Hoop Dreams

Posted by Trish18 Oct 16, 2007

Check out these little basketballers! And check out the nice pick being set in the second to last photo.


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