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This was sent to me by one of my soccer teammates--it makes me laugh. Check out the sneakiest goal in the history of soccer!

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U.S. women's U-20 players Tobin Heath and Casey Nogueira go one-on-one, juggling the ball and showing off their tricks and skills:


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Soccer Skills Gone Wild

Posted by saraallent Feb 6, 2008

I have seen a lot of soccer skills videos, but this one is definitely up there as one of the best. Some of the tricks are absolutely amazing and am still wondering how on earth they were able to do them. Check the video out below and let me know what you think.


Which trick is your favorite? Any tricks you have never seen before?







Incredible Soccer Skills - Watch more free videos </font>




The Active Video section offers more great videos to browse or you can create your own.

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Ball or Balloon?

Posted by saraallent Jan 29, 2008

Check out Sheffield United's goal against Manchester City.





The rules state that if there is another ball on the field the game is stopped. Furthermore, it also states that if there are any other objects on the field that can interfere with play, the game is stopped. In my opinion, there is no way this play should have gone on with all the balloons scattered in the box. It isn't Michael Ball's fault, it's the refs fault. The refs should have taken control of the situation on the field.


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Funniest Penalty Kick Ever

Posted by Trish18 Nov 15, 2007

I've seen this video a few times now and it honestly makes me laugh every time (assuming the keeper sustained no serious injuries).


Catch a memorable moment in sports on camera? Share it with us!

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Soccer Fun

Posted by Trish18 Oct 22, 2007

Check out the GU95 girls of Skagit Storm playing hard and having fun:



Share your active memories here.

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