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Incredible Puck-Juggling Goal

Posted by Trish18 Dec 29, 2008

This is a video of Team Canada's star John Tavares scoring an incredible puck-juggling goal during the World Juniors tournament. YahooSports writer Greg Wyshynski has described it as, "one of the highlight goals of the season, on any level."


What do you think--is it one of the best goals you've seen scored on any level?


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Derek Redmond is a retired English athlete who, as a 400 metres and 4 x 400 metres runner, won gold medals at the European, Commonwealth, and World Championships.


However, he might best be known for the disappointment he suffered at the 1992 Summer Olympics in the 400m race.


He posted the fastest time of the first round, and won his quarter-final. In the semi-final, Redmond started well, but 175m from the finish, his hamstring tore. Redmond immediately fell to the ground, but soon began to hobble along the track. He was then joined on the track by his father, Jim Redmond, who had supported Derek for his whole career. Shortly before the line, Jim let go of his son, and he completed the race, with a standing ovation from the crowd of 65,000.


I was glued to the television during the Barcelona Olympics as a little girl and remember this happening. I will never, ever forget it:


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Amazing Baseball Play

Posted by Trish18 Apr 30, 2008

A kick save by the pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals!


[Awesome Baseball Save By Pitcher |] - Watch more free videos

I this this was a year or two ago. Impressive that he was able to have the presence of mind to try and get a foot on the ball--but to be able to find the ball, field it and turn to make a quick throw in time to get the runner is remarkable!


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Hoop it Up

Posted by Trish18 Mar 26, 2008

A teenager in Utah is one of the stars of his basketball team and he lost the use of his right arm in an accident when he was a young boy. He now plays basketball and baseball--and plays both sports very well. Check him out:


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A quick but thorough look at the history of snowboarding:


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Will Ferrell showed off the basketball skills he learned as Jackie Moon on the set of Semi-Pro when he faced basketball legend Bill Walton in a game of H.O.R.S.E.


Ferrell hit 3 shots in a row to jump out to a quick H.O.R. lead. Then he sunk an impossible, behind the glass, Larry Bird inspired shot to go up H.O.R.S.


The video never actually shows the outcome of the match but it seems fairly safe to say that Ferrell went on to take the game.


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Steep: Big Mountain Skiing

Posted by Trish18 Mar 4, 2008

Steep is a feature documentary about bold adventure, exquisite athleticism and the pursuit of a perfect moment on skis. It is the story of big mountain skiing, a sport that barely existed 35 years ago.


It started in the 1970s in the mountains above Chamonix, France, where skiers began to attempt ski descents so extreme that they appeared almost suicidal. Now, two generations later, some of the world's greatest skiers pursue the exhilaration of skiing and exploring big, wild, remote mountains.


This film was shot in Alaska, Wyoming, Canada, France and Iceland. Check out the beautiful views and incredible skiing:


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U.S. women's U-20 players Tobin Heath and Casey Nogueira go one-on-one, juggling the ball and showing off their tricks and skills:


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An Amazing Trick Shot

Posted by Trish18 Feb 14, 2008

This is one of the most amazing trick shots I have ever seen. Check it out:



I wonder how long that took to set up... and how many times it was tried before they got it right??

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You've got to see this!



Brittney Griner, a high school student from Houston, Texas, is no match for her competition. At just shy of 6'8", she recently played a game in which she was one assist away from a quadruple-double and dunked twice. And she wears men's size 18 shoes! I think she'll give Candice Parker a run for her money.

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ACC Official Ron Cherry gives a descriptive reason why he called a penalty in the November 24, 2007 game between the Maryland Terrapins and the NC State Wolfpack.


He must have been paying homage to the same call made by Ben Dreith in a 1986 game between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills:


Share your active moments with us.

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Auburn cornerback Jerraud Powers was a 6-year-old the last time he bit by a dog. Until this past weekend.


With less than three minutes in the game, Powers was in the vicinity of an incomplete pass by Alabama’s John Parker Wilson. While Powers was celebrating, a police dog guided by a state trooper attacked Powers’ left hand. Perhaps the dog is an Alabama fan...


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A Very Unlucky Bounce

Posted by Trish18 Nov 19, 2007

One of the craziest field goal attempts I’ve ever seen took place yesterday. 


The Cleveland Browns trailed the Baltimore Ravens 30-27 on the final play of regulation when Phil Dawson attempted a tying 51-yard kick. The ball seemingly bounced off the crossbar before bounding into the end zone. The officials called the kick no good and the Ravens ran off the field celebrating.


However, several Cleveland players insisted Dawson's kick hit the curved support behind the crossbar and then bounced back into the end zone. After discussing, the officials ruled that the kick passed through the uprights and called the players, many of which were already in the locker room, back onto the field.


A very unlucky bounce indeed, but luckily the officials made the correct call.


In overtime, the Browns drove 43 yards before Dawson kicked a 33-yard field goal to win.


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Funniest Penalty Kick Ever

Posted by Trish18 Nov 15, 2007

I've seen this video a few times now and it honestly makes me laugh every time (assuming the keeper sustained no serious injuries).


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