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A lot of students have been asking me what it takes to teach yoga professionally and build a career. The first thing I tell them is that it takes commitment and passion just like anything else you do. Launching a career in this field should not be taken lightly. If you are serious about building your career in this field, there here are some things you will need to keep in mind:


1. Be A Student For At Least A Year - It is important that you have established a yoga practice for at least a year (ideally two) More importantly is that you have studied with a handful of teachers and have tried different styles of yoga. There are so many to choose from with variations like a Baskin Robbins (so many flavors) and because the industry is quite trendy these days, it is important that you have tried different ones out and you have been practicing religiously for a year or two.


2. Be Ready To Start From the Bottom - Just like anynew career you have to be ready to start from the bottom and work your way up. The money is very little in the beginning so if this is an issue then you might as well just stick with your practice or do it as a hobby.


3. Find the Right Yoga Teacher Training - If you truly want to become a yoga instructor, then you are going to need to choose the right teacher training program. There are over three thousand schools to choose from and all of them offer different programs. Make sure you do enough research and select the school and course that is right for you.


4. Take Multiple Certifcation Programs - You are going to need to take at least two or three programs to really get the most out of your education and truly learn to teach yoga. Just like any sport or job you get yourself into, it takes learning it from multiple perspectives and teachers to truly master the art. So I highly recommend that you take as many programs as you can afford.


5. Go to India - India is the birth place of yoga and can offer a true history and enrichment of what this craft is all about. If you are truly dedicated you will go to the land where it originated.


There are many things you are going to need to consider along your path of teaching yoga professionally. Just remember that devotion and passion cannot be taught. It must be within you.

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