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Yesterday I completed my first bike/run brick in preparation for this year's spint tris.  I rode about 20 miles on the road bike and came home to immediately put my running shoes to go for my run.  I was surprised to find out that this was the strangest feeling!  Usually, my feet (from the ball of my foot to my toes) fall asleep during a ride ~ at or around the 4 mile mark.  So, my feet were alarmed at going from asleep mode to pounding on the pavement.  It felt like someone put in lead weights into the balls of my feet and in my toes, such a heavy feeling.  Does anyone know what causes this?  Or does anyone know what I can do about it?  It is not from my shoes being too tight or the shoe themselves.  I notice the same thing when I am mountain biking in different bike shoes.  I do have to remind myself often to keep my toes up rather than pointed down, which is the direction they tend to go if I am not persistent.  Any thoughts would be appreciated ~ if I don't figure this out, I am sure to suffer in further training sessions.


Thanks for your help!

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Last year, me and a great friend ran our first 5K together.  We are doing it again this year ~ I just signed up through today.  I am looking into a sprint tri also and realized that for a USAT sanctioned tri event you must be a member or pay quite a fee!  that will be more expensive than what I had originally thought, so I will wait to sign up in a few weeks.  I am finding how expensive tri's are....bought my first road bike ($$$), luckily will place in the summer so no wet suit is needed (shew!), now I need to get a tri outfit.  Any thoughts out there which is better ~ one piece or two?  I do believe I have found the right sports bra to support what needs to be supported ~ very exciting to have little to no movement!

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