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Share your ideas, techniques and exercises to improve overall performance while strengthening weaknesses, coordination, balance and endurance.

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Centurion9 Centurion9 Is your Sports Athlete conditioned and ready for High School or College Level Sports? 313 0 1 year ago by Centurion9
Centurion9 Centurion9 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise 482 1 1 year ago by goddevil
Centurion9 Centurion9 Sports Conditioning / Cross Training 405 0 1 year ago by Centurion9
JBBlack JBBlack Newbie From Brazil! 1,275 0 5 years ago by JBBlack
Mike Burch Mike Burch lifting weights and preparing for 1st half marithon...when & how often? 1,231 0 6 years ago by Mike Burch
Mrs. Brockus Mrs. Brockus Best way to schedule activities to avoid injury & promote muscle development? 1,554 0 6 years ago by Mrs. Brockus
zebUSCG zebUSCG Spinning and knee pain/ What type of doctor to see for sports injuries... 1,671 0 6 years ago by zebUSCG
AdrianR AdrianR Wanting to stay fit with an extreme budget 21,877 12 6 years ago by CrossFitTorrance
saraallent saraallent Core/Abs 24,555 9 7 years ago by dabombdiggaty
Active Toby TRX Suspension Training 1,908 0 7 years ago by Active Toby
mech33 mech33 Reebok Cross-training Plan 2,346 1 7 years ago by ActiveArch
Active Toby Ninja Warrior 4,302 4 7 years ago by a2product df
frenchgirl2000 frenchgirl2000 weight lifting with your own body weight 2,525 1 7 years ago by Mtaricani
TimTaylor423 TimTaylor423 Looking for simple "Biggest Loser" type group challenges, any suggestions? 2,451 0 7 years ago by TimTaylor423
Wilco Wilco Cross Training 14,326 10 7 years ago by breeset
Active Toby Top 10 Exercises for Seniors 2,636 0 7 years ago by Active Toby
survived99 survived99 Core strength 8,582 10 7 years ago by Back in the Saddle
az92974 az92974 Anyone have a killer ab workout that helps you to lose your gut and those love handles? 4,486 4 8 years ago by Beach Goddess
jaye lee jaye lee bosu ball 5,148 5 8 years ago by Snake Charmer
aj5hoopstar aj5hoopstar Sit ups/ push ups 7,041 11 9 years ago by Run@Dawn
seamusandjim seamusandjim Knees and Running 4,366 5 9 years ago by pgmanski
cutewithoutthee cutewithoutthee Revealing a six-pack 4,515 9 9 years ago by Jay Silvio
DEADOCMIKE DEADOCMIKE "300" strength/endurance test question 3,424 3 9 years ago by DEADOCMIKE
katiegorski1 katiegorski1 Strength Training for 1/2 Marathon 2,653 1 9 years ago by betsimons
ShariseC ShariseC Core Training 8,855 22 10 years ago by pierrem