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Whether it's heart monitors or health clubs, get feedback on your fitness questions here.

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RichardBailey5 RichardBailey5 CrowdFit - New Social Fitness & Exercise App 93 0 1 month ago by RichardBailey5
Centurion9 Centurion9 Is your Sports Athlete conditioned and ready for High School or College Level Sports? 422 0 1 year ago by Centurion9
Centurion9 Centurion9 Sports Conditioning / Cross Training 459 0 1 year ago by Centurion9
ScottieMcCulloch ScottieMcCulloch Pain on Top of Foot / Feet 400 0 1 year ago by ScottieMcCulloch
Centurion9 Centurion9 Exercise Exercise & Exercise 508 0 2 years ago by Centurion9
gettinstarted2 gettinstarted2 588 0 2 years ago by gettinstarted2
ShirleyLucas ShirleyLucas I had Gastric Bypass Surgery 600 0 2 years ago by ShirleyLucas
FITZKE68 FITZKE68 What running schedule is right for me 1,767 0 2 years ago by FITZKE68
Joebean Joebean Building endurance vs. mass (Push-ups) 4,741 2 2 years ago by Playout
Playout Playout Better than Crossfit? 1,571 0 2 years ago by Playout
Aworkouts Aworkouts Sprained ankle 769 0 3 years ago by Aworkouts
JC2017 JC2017 Help "My family sabotages my diet efforts!" 884 1 3 years ago by GeorgeCuevas
jeanette60621 jeanette60621 Walking for fitness>>> feet hurt!  Help?!! 2,416 2 3 years ago by JC2017
umpy4 umpy4 Health/Fitness Fair 989 0 3 years ago by umpy4
apogeemedia apogeemedia Quest for the Best Fitness Star 980 0 4 years ago by apogeemedia
The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Tough Mountain Challange 1,029 0 4 years ago by The Walking Dead
letsgetmotivatednow letsgetmotivatednow What are some ways to stay motivated to get a work out in everyday? 1,287 0 4 years ago by letsgetmotivatednow
beebeerunner88 beebeerunner88 Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 anyone??? 1,934 1 4 years ago by beebeerunner88
RM2 RM2 More weight, or more reps? 2,711 1 4 years ago by Run4Coffee
ami9167 ami9167 DO ONE ACTIVE THING EVERY DAY FOR A HEALTHIER YOU 1,791 1 4 years ago by sifupaul
FloFusionFitness FloFusionFitness Would you like to get fit with an Olympian 1,523 0 5 years ago by FloFusionFitness
ami9167 ami9167 SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE BUTT BIGGER AND STOMACH SMALLER 3,430 0 5 years ago by ami9167
ami9167 ami9167 THE BEST WAY TO KEEP FIT AND HEALTHY IS BY DANCING 1,651 0 5 years ago by ami9167
ami9167 ami9167 8 WEEKS FITNESS PLAN BASED ON WALKING 1,833 0 5 years ago by ami9167
angiefm angiefm P90X 2,522 3 5 years ago by estevancarlos
back2basics101 back2basics101 Fitness 1,399 0 5 years ago by back2basics101
alee1985 alee1985 5 Tips For A Good Weight Loss Plan 1,791 0 5 years ago by alee1985
Regsta Regsta plantar faciitis 5,731 4 5 years ago by Joseph Tree
HBMichele HBMichele To tell or not to tell? 3,885 3 5 years ago by thormanuel
SDINichols SDINichols Making a Difference "Fitness Drill Instructor" 2,257 0 5 years ago by SDINichols