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Equipment and Gear

Don't know what's the best product? What's safe? Share or seek advice on Action Sports equipment and gear.

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Imnotverycreative Imnotverycreative Running shoes for deployment 248 0 12 months ago by Imnotverycreative
wheelsofjustus wheelsofjustus T-shirts and Medals 539 0 3 years ago by wheelsofjustus
letsstart letsstart aus Open @ 2012 484 0 3 years ago by letsstart
DebbKay DebbKay Schwaggle deals? 360 0 3 years ago by DebbKay
Tac5 Tac5 Carrying your stuff 398 0 3 years ago by Tac5
masak99 masak99 Survivor Series 2011 - Get Ready 269 0 3 years ago by masak99
zimen99 zimen99 Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 329 0 3 years ago by zimen99
RBH012 RBH012 Road Bike 431 0 3 years ago by RBH012
Carletta Carletta What GPS systems? 2,550 7 3 years ago by FootlockerCoupon
jloquadman jloquadman Need advice on shoes 3,749 7 3 years ago by FootlockerCoupon
Swheale Swheale Looking to rent a bike help? 1,998 1 5 years ago by fountia
hank4855 hank4855 GearFest Oct. 3 - Dayton, OH 1,674 0 5 years ago by hank4855
MGrassy MGrassy Good trail run shoes? 2,015 0 6 years ago by MGrassy
Rick W. Rick W. Bike for Beginner Triathlete 2,758 0 7 years ago by Rick W.
jim1112 jim1112 Wilderness Running 2,400 0 7 years ago by jim1112
nrsxxl nrsxxl Polar s625x 2,212 1 7 years ago by takjbryant
Muwin Running Muwin Running Heart Rate Monitor Training 3,919 4 7 years ago by Yodiwan
PHL_Baseball PHL_Baseball Affordable Baseball Scoreboard 3,659 2 7 years ago by Lou_B
sastoltz sastoltz Response to article "To IPod or not to IPod" 1,949 0 7 years ago by sastoltz
cuserunning cuserunning Just started on a Cardiofit machine. 2,567 0 7 years ago by cuserunning
helen82 helen82 Finger Paddles 1,952 0 7 years ago by helen82
SWYankee SWYankee Big runner needs shoe advice 2,375 3 8 years ago by randolphc