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Ronan Pensec:  The Best Thing To Happen in Years

Posted by ActiveTdF on Jul 10, 2007 11:40:00 AM


As you know today was the longest stage of the Tour and the pros didn’t good!


We have to be honest: I talked with the event director and the guys showed up at the finish line an hour later than what we thought.


And you know what, I think it’s the best thing that has happened since years in pro cycling. Today, the peloton has sent a HUGE message to all of us. These guys are humans and I can tell you, they were under-performing in order to be in shape for tomorrow and the days after.


That is a major change in cycling. Last year, we were still seeing cyclists riding like crazy from start to finish and they were looking like it was piece of cake. Today no one suffered on the road, and there is a very good reason why: This Tour de France is going to be long and hard and they know it!


This is a great feeling. I really feel like we are getting back to something more enjoyable. I’m now starting to hope that we will see more “échappée” and more joy and disappointments as the big players may not all meet our expectations. I feel we are back to real cycling, the cycling I used to compete in. If this is the case, it’s going to be the hell of a show!


Fellows, if you have any questions, anything you would like to know, anything that can only be found in the peloton, do not hesitate and send me your questions. I will get the answers for you. Just send me a comment. I will be glad to share this unique opportunity I have to be in direct contact with cyclists.


The GREAT Tour de France is back and it feels extremely good!!!



Ronan Pensec participated in eight Tours, and wore the yellow jersey in 1990. He now operates Ronan Pensec Events, an official Tour de France operator hosting VIP cycling tours for recreational cycling enthusiasts.

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