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!|style=padding:10px;|align=left|src=!Ladies and gentlemen, despite the fact there were hundreds of thousands of people along the roads today, I am going to be honest with you: I was really bored!


What a so-classic, not-funny-at-all-day for the Tour de France today. We are all excited about tomorrow now. All the riders know that tomorrow is the real start of this Tour, but to be honest they could have entertained the public a bit more. But, the fact is that they can’t do extras now, they have to calculate their race and keep some energy for the other days.


Let me tell you that no later than yesterday morning I have recorded 53 blood tests on two different teams at 8 a.m. and guess what? The good news is that none of them were positives. All the athletes were able to take the start. By the way, I got a bit surprised that they decided to do these tests so early. As a former yellow jersey-wearer, I remember that I used to enjoy the morning to relax and prepare for the race. I kind of feel bad for these guys.


Anyway, I had a great lunch with my friend of all time, Bob Roll. We used to compete and race together back then and it was fantastic to share our points of views on cycling and you know what? We agreed on one thing for sure: Cycling is back! We are gonna see some real pain and real efforts now and it feels a spectator.


It’s so important that we stop with this drug-taking, and especially for the Tour de France. The Tour de France, I think, brought the sport of cycling to another level and this sport would never have been what it is today without the Tour.


Ladies and Gentleman, the Tour is BACK and serious things start tomorrow!



PS: Very hilly stage tomorrow, so I’m betting that Cancellara is going to lose his yellow jersey. Not a fun day for sprinters tomorrow.


Feel free to send your questions and/or comments so I can get you into the Peloton. I hope you are enjoying the show!


Ronan Pensec participated in eight Tours, and wore the yellow jersey in 1990. He now operates Ronan Pensec Events, an official Tour de France operator hosting VIP cycling tours for recreational cycling enthusiasts.

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