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Ronan Pensec: T-Mobile Rider Injured After Stage

Posted by ActiveTdF on Jul 15, 2007 10:50:00 AM

!|style=padding:10px;|align=left|src=!I don’t know how to report that but T-Mobile was doing great so far until they first lost Rodgers and a minute ago Sinkewitz! While Sinkewitz was riding his bike down from the finish to his hotel, he has hit a spectator. He is in very, very bad shape with a head trauma. His face is covered by blood and he has had a cardiac massage a few seconds ago. It’s a big shame that a stupid accident has happened and I’m really hoping that it is not going to be so dramatic. T-Mobile has just lost their two leaders, so it’s almost over for them. It’s a real catastrophe.


After this very shocking moment, let me just give you my quick feelings on today’s Tour:


It’s been a fantastic day on the Tour, it was as great as we hoped! Have you seen all these echappées and fights? It was amazing to watch.


After this stage, my first thought goes to Vinokourov who did very good I think today by sticking to the lead without losing too much time. It’s pretty obvious that with all his injuries he can’t do more than that yet.


I’m telling you right now that I’m starting to think that Vinokourov could make a big comeback in the Pyrénnées. Has has such a strong will that he should be able to come back. So pay attention to him when you watch the Tour now.


I’ve been looking at the Tour since we have started and so far, I would love to give you a bet for the yellow jersey but I can’t see any team that has everything it takes to make the difference until Paris. There is not a very strong team so far and this is why I’m thinking that it’s gonna be a Tour de France for one man, one strong rider...and Vinokourov could be that strong guy!


I will send a message to the T-Mobile team but any cycling passionate should I think take the time to send a little message to the team to support Sinkewitz



Ronan Pensec participated in 8 Tours, and wore the yellow jersey in the 1990. He now operates Ronan Pensec Events , an official Tour de France operator hosting VIP cycling tours for recreational cycling enthusiasts.

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