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Equipment and Gear

Don't know what's the best product? What's safe? Share or seek advice on Cycling equipment and gear.


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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
Switching to Clipless Pedals 5 weeks before race Kathmr 3 years ago by Ed41 25,492 9
Essential Road Gear BodyTorque 3 years ago by BodyTorque 18,323 0
mtn bike stem length adjustment lksnicholson 3 years ago by mikeKunnecke 20,911 6
Best rain jacket for cycling? ChristopherStephens9460 3 years ago by runrobbierun22 50,429 6
Sette Bikes DaveMichael35 3 years ago by newt_cyclist 15,317 3
Does anyone have the Mavic Cylone Jacket? newyork1952 3 years ago by newyork1952 4,042 0
Essential road gear?? Dobrobuck 3 years ago by Kyle Ewing 16,665 6
Garmin Edge + tablet? RonBurk75 4 years ago by RonBurk75 9,213 2
Scott CR1 Team or Giant Avail Comp 1 PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! newNOLA 4 years ago by MotiveForcer 2,071 1
road bikes for sale? kschmelig 4 years ago by MotiveForcer 3,934 1
Help Please: New Components Question giloren 4 years ago by MotiveForcer 3,296 3
Would you buy this bike? nancybird1018 4 years ago by BionicBiker 16,580 8
Question about stiff insoles for my New Balance 992's... depletion 4 years ago by depletion 1,284 0
Trek 720 Cassette dolphan1968 4 years ago by BrianMI6 5,703 3
Help with shifters activetrimom 4 years ago by captgravity 3,416 2
Super Cool Technology to See Behind You TammyWood4 4 years ago by TammyWood4 3,402 0
Tips for a road bike for mom with double trailer? nancybird1018 4 years ago by BSheidler 7,206 6
Storing your stuff Tac5 4 years ago by Tac5 2,685 0
Training Regimen to prepare for the Elephant Rock Ride (Jun 2012) BIGSGT 4 years ago by BB2ley 2,842 2
DT Index Shifters Slipping Imgellin 4 years ago by Imgellin 1,447 0
Bing Cycle?? Sulkowski 4 years ago by Tom Betz 4,310 3
Best cycling shoes?? ArnieDavis 4 years ago by G-force61 20,756 9
Wheel Hub Conversion larkspur_runner 5 years ago by larkspur_runner 8,093 6
Road Bike Sizes for Women jamesperez 5 years ago by jamesperez 14,400 8
Please suggest a type of bike for us! MaryNov 5 years ago by BT.ROB 3,952 2
Maybe the best cycling invention this year?? incstlouis 5 years ago by Tim_the_Bald 14,933 7
SRAM or Shimano honguito 5 years ago by holtmoore 25,977 27
Good Bike Deal?? AJLuby 5 years ago by MotiveForcer 7,626 7
Upgrading from a hybrid tdslovey 5 years ago by tdslovey 4,773 6
Garmin Edge and Cadence Sensor JasonStark 5 years ago by GarylDavis 7,534 10